Class widgets seen on CrossFit Cincinnati!

The owner over at CrossFit Cincinnati let me in on some very cool news late last night that I had to share, and it wasn't even that they just joined Workout Spots and began using our platform to host their classes. They are now using our new class widgets to embed their upcoming class schedule right inside their own website. Not only does it look really good on their site, but it shows how much better your site can be with a dynamic, always up-to-date, class schedule. It's professional, and it keeps your members informed and fully-engaged. Plus, who has the time and resources to manually update their site every single day with class information. This is a great example of our awesome tools in-use. I'm sure their members are already enjoying the simple, online registrations.

Check out their schedule:

They also provided us with a great idea for a new widget that we have already begun working on. Expect to see that announced in a day or two.

If you're using our widgets on your site, let us know so we can spread the news.


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