DST issue has been resolved

With the help of two great business owners utilizing the Workout Spots class platform to manage their class schedules and online participant registration, we were informed about a glitch in our system caused by Daylight Savings Time (DST). For areas included, the clocks went back one hour early Sunday morning. If classes were created before this point in time and recurred past it, the classes created afterwards would also be put back one hour. This makes sense in the general concept of time, but when dealing with schedules, class times don't often change like that.

We released a fix for this issue late last week, and all classes created from here on will ignore changes from DST. Responding to a support email this morning, we decided that we needed to create an administrative system that will allow us to update and fix the thousands of classes that were recurred past the DST change; it would be too much to ask to have business owners update hundreds and hundreds of classes.

The only downside is that we ask that you submit a request to us, after carefully reviewing your class schedule, if you need this change. When viewing your spot, you can view the calendar or click on the "Manage classes" tab to see all of your upcoming classes and their dates and times. If you see that your times are off, please contact us here and let us know the name of your spot and whether or not all or some of your classes need to be adjust; and how they need to be adjusted. The requests will be processed immediately, and the update takes only 1-2 minutes.

We thank everyone for their patience and we especially thank the users that helped bring this issue to our attention.


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