Weekly spotlight: Ellipse Fitness (Green Bay)

1. What's the name of your business? 


2. Where is it located? 

801 Hoffman Rd, Green Bay, WI.

3. Tell us about your business, the facilities, amenities, etc. 

Ellipse Fitness is not an ordinary gym, health club or fitness center.  No heavy equipment, no machines and no boring day-to-day workouts routines – just fun group fitness all day, every day!  Equipment includes kickboxing bags and gloves, suspension systems, heavy ropes, kettle bells, free weights, and all the classics!
2500 square foot studio, 5 changing areas, 2 showers.

4. What sets you apart from others? 

First and foremost, our customer service!
Ellipse Fitness is a classes-only fitness and weight loss center.  Our members and guests get everything they want in a world class fitness and weight loss facility. The benefits of an Ellipse Fitness membership include:
  • Convenience: 35+ fitness classes a week.  Always an option for your schedule.
  • Results: Classes use strength and cardio training to help you look and feel GREAT!
  • Weight Loss & Nutritional Programs: To help you safely burn fat and lose weight.
  • Flexible Memberships: Multiple options to based on your fitness goals and objectives.
  • Classes for all Levels of Fitness: Certified Fitness Coaches for fast and safe results.

5. What type of classes do you offer, if any? 

Kickboxing, strength training, boot camp, kettle bells.

6. What's your best fitness advice? 

Find a fitness facility that knows you as an individual, cares about your success, and will help you get there!

7. Anything else you want to add? 

When you’re ready for results, you’re ready for Ellipse!  We’re small group fitness where the focus is on YOU!

8. Do you have a link to any videos you'd like us to embed (youtube, etc)? 


This is a post in our weekly spotlight column, where we highlight one of our workout spots to get to better know the organization. The country is filled with a vast variety of fitness organizations, and we're trying to learn more about all of them. If you're interested in having us spotlight your business or training services, contact us now.


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