Weekly spotlight: Level 1 Fitness (Philadelphia)


1. What's the name of your business? 


2. Where is it located? 

113 North Bread Street, Old City, Philadelphia, PA, 19106

3. Tell us about your business, the facilities, amenities, etc. 

We are an upscale boutique gym featuring exclusively TechnoGym equipment and the only facility in the city to offer Kinesis. We specialize in Personal Training with over 20 Certified personal Trainers to choose from.

4. What sets you apart from others? 

The high quality of our Facility, Equipment & Certified Trainers.


5. What type of classes do you offer, if any? 

Kinesis Semi-Private Group Training.

6. What's your best fitness advice? 

You are what you eat, sounds cliche, but oh so true!

7. Anything else you want to add? 

We promote a overall lifestyle approach obtaining optimal individual health & fitness.

8. Do you have any videos you'd like us to share? 


This is a post in our weekly spotlight column, where we highlight one of our workout spots to get to better know the organization. The country is filled with a vast variety of fitness organizations, and we're trying to learn more about all of them. If you're interested in having us spotlight your business or training services, contact us now.



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