Workout Spots in DailyTekk's Top 100 Health & Fitness Apps

A big thanks to Chris McConnell and the rest of the team at DailyTekk for including Workout Spots in their awesome roundup of their top 100 apps for health and fitness. We really appreciate them including us in the list and it's great to be honored in such a way. Chris really did an amazing job compiling such a comprehensive list that spans so many categories:

  • Random & Cool
  • Personalized Fitness & Health Tech
  • Get Motivated to Stay Fit & Healthy
  • Fitness & Health Apps
  • Fitness & Health Gadgets
  • Social Fitness & Health
  • Health Information
  • Find a Doctor & Check Symptoms
  • Miscellaneous

And we certainly agree strongly when he says:

Health and fitness are two words that can easily make people cringe. It’s hard to get fit and stay healthy (increasingly so as a person ages), but tech can make it much, much easier (not to mention much more fun).

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