Workout Spots Reaches 500 Spots!

We hit a very important and impressive milestone early last week as we reviewed and approved the 500th workout spot created here (currently the count is at 510). It speaks quite loud to the usefulness and appeal of our great platform that 500 fitness organizations and trainers have discovered us and made the choice to join. And these spots span the country, covering just a few states shy of all 50. 

Now, unfortunately, not every single spot contains classes; since that's not a requirement to join as an organization, but we do have a significant percentage of spots with full class schedules available as well as open registrations. At this point, we have about 22,000 classes in the system (and growing).

Today marks exactly 5 months since we launched publicly, which obviously means that we're averaging 100 businesses joining a month; which is great. Maintaining that wonderful growth and momentum going forward will be the real challenge. The goal will be to reach 1,000 spots by the time this site turns 1 year old. Aside from just acquiring new businesses, we're working very hard to make sure that existing fitness organizations already registered are taking full advantage of our platform, and providing you with tons of great classes to register for; since that is, after all, our primary goal.


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