Combat Circuit



Combat Circuit is a revolutionary  fitness system. The workout is inspired by the 30-minute circuit used by the pro MMA fight team at the American Kickboxing Academy. It is adaptable to challenge both world class athletes and beginners alike to get in shape and lose weight. 

Each workout is a combination of cardio intervals alternated with mixed martial arts conditioning movements. In 30 minutes, students perform ten rounds of upper/lower body cardio intervals and ten rounds of combat conditioning exercises. With each round lasting 90 seconds, the workout is never boring or monotonous. 

Combat Circuit’s completely unique facility incorporates plyometric medicine ball exercises, cardio machines, and heavy bags to create the ultimate, functional, full body workout. The exercises are safe, easy to follow, simple to learn.

Combat Circuit runs continuously from open to close so members have the freedom to train when they want without adhering to strict class schedules.The 90-second rounds and interval format allow members to join and leave the Combat Circuit workout at any time. 

There is no other training system that is more effective, convenient, and fun than Combat Circuit.