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Hot yoga is a series of poses, or asana's, carried out within a heated environment, typically 100 - 105°F, and a humidity of 40% - 50%. Bikram Choudhury had introduced his version of Hot Yoga in the 1970s called Bikram Yoga which, quickly became one of the most adopted yoga practices in the US.

The heat and humidity allows increased results and flexibility in the body, helping you gradually attain your personal best with the poses, whilst simultaneously expelling harmful toxins from your body. It will also assist you with a range of benefits, from losing fat, building core muscles, improving balance, increasing energy, assisting sleep, and decreasing stress.

The combination of the poses and the increased temperature helps stimulate and restore health to your joints, organs, muscles, and immune system whilst detoxifying your body.

With our new and much enhanced suite of yoga classes corresponding with all age and skill levels, FIRESHAPER has evolved and redefined both the heated yoga and the traditional yoga experience. Our improved range of classes provide the benefits of the Hot Yoga core-strength and body-shaping principles, with traditional yoga programs, to bring you an entirely new experience.

Also, talk to one of our trainers about becoming a FIRESHAPER teacher yourself at one of several FIRESHAPER teacher training courses we run.

Visit a FIRESHAPER studio today and begin to discover your true potential.

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Here at Fire Shaper we are honored to offer you incredible value for your participation.

Here is just a short list of what you get when you practice with Fire Shaper:

  • Large Open Clean Studio Spaces
  • Highly advanced specialized flooring for Hot Yoga
  • We offer Showers in all of our locations
  • Multiple Restrooms and Changing areas
  • Fire Shaper is Open 365 Days per year - Open everyday!*
  • We offer many personal amenities for your exclusive use
  • We have some of the most highly experienced and trained instructors available
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  • Cutting edge Workshops, Events and Guest Teachers
  • The most advanced heating and air circulation systems available
  • Consistent Hygenic Facilities
  • The most classes per day to fit your schedule
  • The most effective and popular class offerings available
  • Coordinated class times so your children can practice yoga while you sweat it out with us
  • Multiple Locations and package sharing*
  • Easy stress free online access to your account
  • Easy stress free online management of your Auto Renew packages
  • Enhanced Expiration dates so that you may get the most from your purchases
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  • Hip, New, and designer Yoga clothing
  • The Fire Shaper Product Line
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