Fitness Together Studio CIty



We are a private fitness studio focusing on results driven 1-on-1 personal training.  Our staff provides our clients with the very highest levels of service that remains unmatched in the fitness industry.  We are a by appointment only facility pleas call or email to schedule a consultation.


Here is what we do to help you succeed where others fail.

Our successful formula has four key features:

  1. Exceptional personal training that combines enthusiasm, knowledge, care, personalization, accountability, and support.

  2. Fully equipped private workout suites for private sessions that maximize your time by eliminating distractions, not waiting for equipment and avoiding intimidation.

  3. The perfect combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training.

  4. A common sense nutrition program based on scientific truths that fuel positive changes and maximize results.

Each of these key features is critical to success, and nobody provides more effective personal training, completely private workout suites, or comprehensive nutrition program than Fitness Together.