Fitness Never Sleeps Training Center




The Fitness Never Sleeps (FNS) mission is to inspire a holistic approach to fitness and wellness in a supportive environment that fosters a positive energy and friendly spirit. We empower our athletes to reach a heightened state of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.


Our Vision at FNS is to unleash the inner athlete within all of us. Whether you are training for a sport, or training is your sport, FNS aims to help its community reach its goals by providing a safe, motivating and supportive environment. Through our designed road map to optimal health, our FNS athletes will be encouraged and challenged to reach new levels of total fitness in Mind, Body and Spirit.


Fitness Never Sleeps is a way of life. It is about being fit at all levels; fit physically, fit emotionally, fit spiritually and most importantly, fit mentally. FNS means more than physical exercise; it is a lifestyle that encompasses all that we do. FNS is rest, recovery, sleep, meditation, nutrition, and of course, movement. True Fitness comes from balance and consistency; doing the little things right on a daily basis. Fitness built on these concepts leads to optimal wellness. If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you have always gotten. FNS is focused on getting just 1% better each day knowing the ultimate goal is attainable. Most importantly, Fitness Never Sleeps is about enjoying the journey and being fully present in all that we do.


Our core values are our 7 G's

  1. To Give your all
  2. To show gratitude
  3. To be Genuine
  4. To set goals
  5. To support our group
  6. Continue to Grow
  7. To be Game Changers





The FNS Training Center was designed to outwardly express the FNS philosophy, a place that incorporates a 360 degree approach to fitness with one mission, to take care of the whole athlete and achieve balance. We offer everything an athlete could need: A 4500 sq ft. main training arena with top notch functional training equipment, first class locker rooms with showers, and bath toiletries, and MOST importantly, a staff of Top-Flight Fitness professionals that put personalized service above all else. At the FNS Training Center, athletes are set up to reach new heights of fitness; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.