Jai Dee Yoga Studio and Wellness Studio



At Jai Dee Yoga and Wellness Studio...we take our yoga seriously but ourselves lightly!  

Come and experience yoga that invites you to build strength and increase flexibility with classes that honor tradition while celebrating the modern. We create our classes specifically for current lifestyles and western body types and offer a wide range of Power, Vinyasa & Yin yoga as well as more modern Yoga Fusion classes with creative flows and fun music.


Introduction classes offer focus on foundational postures, strong cores, and perfecting alignment, for people who have never tried yoga before, but also seasoned yogis who have practiced for years.


Go beyond the physical with Inspired Vinyasas that deepen your practice with Yoga Sutras, World Philosophies and more.


Our Power Flows encourage students to dance on the edge of their practice with innovative flows, strength building holds, courage inducing inversions, and power inducing core conditioning.


No class is ever the same!


Jaidee (pronounced ji - dee) is a Thai expression literally translated as "Good Heart"; In Thailand, people of good actions, deeds and intentions are said to be "jaidee".