Koko FitClub of McCormick Ranch



Fit. Figured Out.

Wish there was a better way to get in shape? Now there is.

Koko FitClub.

Koko is the perfect fusion of advanced technology and world class personal training. Men and women everywhere are enjoying the ease and simplicity of getting in shape at Koko FitClub. They are seeing amazing, quantified results like never before, without turning their lives upside down to do it.

No more wasted time. No more wondering what to do. No more boredom. And no more “gym scene”. We’ve figured out how to make exercise fit you.

Koko Smartraining is uniquely designed to build and preserve your body’s foundation of precious lean muscle; your body’s fountain of youth. Lean muscle makes you look and feel younger. It increases your energy level, your strength and agility, even your ability to fight disease. Most of all, increasing lean muscle means you increase your metabolism so you burn more calories every day. The key to any effective weight management plan.

Koko’s advanced technology removes all the obstacles keeping you from achieving your fitness goals. Our patented system precisely customizes each workout to your fitness level and goals. Then Koko guides and coaches you, the right way, every step of the way. And Koko adapts and changes as you progress. So your body and mind stay continually challenged. All the thinking, planning and tracking…done! Just show up, plug in, and enjoy real, lasting, measureable results.

Each high efficiency Koko Smartrainer strength session works your entire body. Not just your favorite muscles. Our patented Smartrainer precisely prescribes the right weight, pace and exercises for you each session. Even the rest time in between each exercise. All as part of your plan. It’s uninterrupted, high-efficiency training. So you get the full benefits of a traditional 60 or 90 minute workout in just 30 minutes.

With Koko Cardio training, we automatically manipulate the proper balance of workout intensity and recovery in short durations. The result is that you’ll get the same calorie burn of steady-state cardio, but in half the time! That’s right, 15 minutes of Koko Cardio hiking or Cardio climbing is like 30 minutes or more of traditional cardiovascular exercise.

The heart of Koko is technology. So unlike traditional, figure-it-out-yourself “gyms” or expensive personal trainers, Koko FitClub automatically tracks and reports your progress and performance during and after each session. So you not only see results in the mirror, you can see, and even chart them, online as well. It’s a great way to reward and challenge yourself to reach your goals.

It’s like having a personal trainer without having to have a personal trainer.

  • No Scheduling
  • No Wasted Time
  • Just 30 minutes... or less!