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Workout Spots was created when it become painfully obvious how far behind the fitness and exercise industry is, in terms of web technology and trends. The web is changing rapidly and keeping up is difficult. Almost everything now takes place online, and plain websites just don't cut it anymore. Users want apps tailored to their location, social networking, and instant access to information and interactive features. We scoured the web and found it increasingly difficult to find a gym, or related business, web site that looked like it was updated in the last 5 years. It's a challenge to find class schedules, or even who to call to register for one. And most importantly, there is just no way to explore your community to discover all of the workout spots available to you.

We're aiming to change that. We envision Workout Spots being the central hub for workout and fitness. Just like you use Yelp to find restaurants in your area, Workout Spots should be the go-to tool to find places to exercise. But it doesn't stop at choosing your spot. We're offering powerful, yet extremely easy to use, tools for these organizations to broadcast their class schedule, and allow you to sign-up for them with just one click -- no phone calls, no waiting, no guesswork. See what's available, read all about it, and claim your spot.

Finding out where to workout is only half of the trouble. Most people prefer to workout with someone - it's more fun and keeps you motivated. With Workout Spots, you can see which classes your friends are registred for and vice versa, making it easier to sync your schedules and workout together. Since Workout Spots is focused on being social, you can also see who's registered for the classes you're planning on attending and connect with them. Make some new local friends and make your workout experience more enjoyable. Join now for free!

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