Workout Spots for Organizations & Businesses

The heart of Workout Spots is the workout and fitness organizations, trainers, and service providers that opt to be a part of our community. Workout Spots allows users to discover organizations, like yours, in their community, to workout at. In a matter of minutes, at no cost at all, you can create an interactive web presence for your organization right here, and instantly become part of our searchable database. The benefits go far beyond that..

Organizations and trainers can easily use Workout Spots to import their class schedules for each of their locations. Provide our users, and your existing clients, with an up-to-date, detailed calendar of every class your organization is hosting. Our software even provides simple registration and reservation management for each of your classes. Users can then easily register for your classes with the click of a button.

Just like you use OpenTable to find nearby restaurants and book reservations, Workout Spots aims to do the same with exercise industry. Click here to get started now.

What your organization gets

  • A custom "homepage" for your organization, business, or trainer services.
    • Available at
  • Indexed in our searchable, location-aware database of fitness organizations and classes.
    • Users can then find your organization or your classes when searching in their area.
  • Class registration and reservation management (optional).
    • Quickly add your classes to our site, and let our software do the rest. Our users will then be able to register for your classes with the click of a button. No more phone calls, pens, or paper.
    • Set classes to repeat/recur, for example, every day, every week, every other week, every day excluding weekends, etc.
    • Clone your classes with one click to easily add multiple instances of each class.
  • Provide users with an interactive, browsable calendar of your classes.
  • Easily embed your dynamic class schedule on your own website with just a few lines of code.
  • Comprehensive analytics and charts about your classes and class registrations.
  • A direct link into social media streams, and a better connection with your clients.
    • Your organization, it's location, and classes are all "shareable" across every popular social media site.
  • And much more..all for free!

Quick organizational feature tour


Manage your spots


Add your spot


Simple picture management for your spots and classes


Easily add members to your team


Viewing a spot


Interactive class calendar


Add a class


Viewing a class


Manage your class registrations


Repeat/recur a class


Clone/duplicate a class


Manage your classes


Easily embed your class schedule on your website


Analytics for your classes and registration data

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