LEC Fitness - Outdoor Small Group Training



This is a great way for you Working Women out there to get together with other Working Women in a supportive fitness environment! This small group training will focus on total body workouts and conditioning specifically targeted to helping women who work during the week get regular exercise. Your trainer, LaRue Cook is a Certified Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach with over 19-years' training experience.  He has worked with women of all ages, fitness levels and fitness goals in helping them achieve an improved level of fitness and health.  Whether your goal is to lose unwanted body fat and weight, increase your strength for daily activites or simply improve your overall fitness in a fun and supportive group atmosphere, this is the class for you!  Here is what one of LaRue's clients has to say about her work with him:

I have been obese my entire life, and was over 100+ overweight when I began working with LaRue.  I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect.  I had always believed that a professional trainer was more interested in working with professional athletes than overweight women.  Plus, I had seen personal trainers at work in local gyms, and they just seemed robotic and cookie cutter in their approach.  I was very fortunate to find LaRue.  He was very respectful and made me feel very comfortable, which was greatly appreciated as I was already extremely self-conscious about my body.  He carefully evaluated my fitness level and created a program that considered both my capabilities and limitations.  The routines and programs he developed for me changed many times over the course of our partnership, as I steadily improved my fitness level and lost 92 pounds.   Best of all, I had a lot of fun in the process, as LaRue has a natural ability to relate to people of all ages and walks of life; loves helping others to achieve their goals; and has an infectious positive energy that  makes you WANT to succeed. (AM)

Waiver form and Advance Payment are required at time of registration. Contact LEC Fitness for details.