Personal Training by Mike Jones



Our Goal at MJ Fitness is to enhance the overall health and quality of life of our clients. We want to create a balanced lifestyle that will contribute to the individual's long-term physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth. We strive to inform and teach our clients in a way that will encourage and reinforce positive and appropriate lifestyle modification.TESTIMONIALS. . .THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! I USED TO WORK OUT 5 HOURS A WEEK. . .NOW I JUST DO TWO HALF-HOURS A WEEK, AND I AM GETTING 2X THE RESULTS!RUTH P. RIVERTON----------------I HAVE NEVER STUCK WITH A WORKOUT PROGRAM BEFORE UNTIL TRAINING WITH MIKE. . .NOW I AM IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE EVEN AFTER HAVING TWO KIDS!CATHY G. CINNAMINSON---------------THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT PROGRAM I HAVE EVER DONE!BOB M. MOORESTOWN---------------ALL TRAINING PROGRAMS CONDUCTED OR OVERSEEN BY :MICHAEL J. JONES-EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST-B.S. IN EXERCISE SCIENCE-DIRECTOR OF PERSONAL TRAINING-19 YEARS/OVER 50,000 SESSIONS-OVER 1000 LOCAL RESISIDENTS TRAINEDWHAT WOULD YOU ATTEMPT IF RESULTS WERE GUARANTEED?CALL NOW- 856-905-5363