Workout Spots Wants To Be The OpenTable For Fitness -  April 24th 2012

Workout Spots is hoping to bring the oh-so-popular “OpenTable for X” approach to the world of fitness. The goal, as the name implies, is to help people find nearby gyms, and to register for classes at those gyms. The interface is pretty straightforward — you just enter your zip code, how far you’re willing to travel...

New Tool for Gym Rats Serves Up Searchable Fitness Classes - April 25th 2012

Workout Spots allows users to search for exercise venues and register for fitness classes in their area. There’s also a social component–since working up a sweat is typically more fun with friends...

Workout Spots: Open Table for Gyms - April 27th 2012

Workout Spots is a fitness-related service that allows you to easily find local places to exercise, and schedule workout classes directly through its website. The service works as both a scheduling assistant and a community where exercise enthusiasts can connect with one another...

Connect With People & Find Local Workout And Fitness Spots - April 27th 2012

One such app, WorkoutSpot, lets you discover exercise and fitness spots available in your area. Not only does it let you find a spot, but also offers powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use tools for scheduling classes...

Be The Change You Want To See In The World - May 1st 2012

We started with a “pre-launch” on April 10, 2012 at which time we recruited gyms, yoga/pilates studios, personal trainers, and boot camps. It was during this time that we received an immense amount of feedback from the fitness organizations and began tailoring the site to fit their needs...

35+ Social Media Sites for the Health Conscious - May 7th 2012

There are a large number of sites out there that connect users with each other and enable people to collaborate their information. Here is a collection of sites that specialize in the area of health, fitness, and diet...

Websites Help Travelers Find Fitness Classes - May 9th 2012

Workout Spots, roundups the available workout "spots" – ranging from boot camp to yoga – and gives class times and contact information for each. It allows users to register for a class at some, but not all, listed establishments...

Workout Spots - Local Workout Location Finder - June 1st 2012

Workout Spots is ideal for anyone who exercises regularly and wants to find more options. The application helps users find public workout spots as well as classes within a community...

Find Great Exercising Spots, Join With A Single Click - July 22nd 2012

Workout Spots is an innovative online tool that aims to centralize and socialize the workout and exercise experience so that you get better results.

Get in Gear: 7 On-the-Go Fitness Apps - June 25th 2012

We're loving how inventive new sites like Workout Spots are proving to be the new OpenTables of the workout scene, but sometimes we're less connected to the computer when we're traveling around.

Search Local Fitness Centers Online At WorkoutSpots - Aug 9th 2012

WorkoutSpots to find a gym is one of its own kind and looking at the overall features of WorkoutSpots, we happily recommend it to people interested in finding a local workout spot. It’s your turn to find local workout spot nearby.

Cool Sites! Meet New Workouts and New Friends

SELF Magazine - September 2012 Issue

Fall in love with a class in your 'hood. This site has the DL on more than 20,000 in 44 states. Register (it's free!) and search for other members with the same likes as you so you can take classes together.

100 Ways to Get Fit & Stay Healthy With Tech - September 11th 2012

Health and fitness are two words that can easily make people cringe. It’s hard to get fit and stay healthy (increasingly so as a person ages), but tech can make it much, much easier (not to mention much more fun).

Class Act

Shape Magazine - October 2012 Issue

Both sites let you find and reserve a place in a variety of fitness classes at thousands of gyms and studios across the country. You can even connect with other attendees or invite friends to come with you.