Smart Workout



Have it your way at Smart Workout.

Smart Workout’s Menu of Services, lets you select and combine, to create the exercise experience that’s just right for you.

If you have specific, short-term goals, Smart Workout has programs to help you achieve them.Our Fitness Vacation is a total immersion in healthy living, teaching behavioral changes that can be sustained long after the vacation is over. This includes physical fitness activities, low calorie meals, spa services, and wellness education.Our Weight loss program is a three month intensive support system, addressing all needs for a successful and healthy weight loss.Our 6-Week Shapeup is a combination of personal trainings and small group exercise, designed to jump- start your fitness, and segue you to a healthy lifestyle.

Our Personal Training Programs include Sports Performance for Golf, Tennis and Skiing; Body Conditioning for overall cardio and muscle strength; and privates in Pilates Reformer, and Yoga.If you are a Pilates Enthusiast, check out our Pilates Package (5 Privates and 5 small group Reformer classes).Want to learn how to eat right, and stick to a healthy plan? Our Nutritional and Motivational Counseling Package will help you out.

Smart Workout's exercise classes are all “small group”… a maximum of 5 in a class.

Because class size is limited, every participant gets individual attention from our trainers, which helps to achieve accuracy in their movement execution.

Exercise Classes are offered continuously throughout the day, from open to close. So our clients can always have a class at the time most convenient for THEM!

We offer 140 exercise classes a week, and more than 30 different types of classes. Pilates Reformer is included, with no additional fees. We offer all the new and trendy (TRX Suspension, Pole Fitness, Zumba), along with traditional favorites (Yoga, Spin, Kickboxing), and many more.

With the sheer volume of our classes, and the extraordinary variety, we make sure that you can always find a class that will motivate you to work out.And we are always adding something new and interesting to our schedule. Our talented Fitness Assistants, recruited by us from the dance and phys ed departments of major Universities, are actively encouraged to create original classes for us to add to the Smart Workout repertoire.

All of our Pilates Instructors are graduates of our own certification program, ensuring that all our Reformer classes are of a uniformly high quality.Our facility is beautiful, comfortable, sunny (3 walls of windows), and spotless!

We are fully equipped with weight plate, Smith, and cardio machines; boxing bags; spin bikes; indoor rowers; TRX Suspension; and multiple small toys (BOSU, steps, kettlebells, free weights; and much more).

Our bathrooms, sauna, and steam room are all private; our towels are full body and fluffy; we give you “reminder” calls whenever you schedule a workout; we provide complimentary tea service and hair twisties; we even set up your equipment and put it away for you.

Why Smart Workout? Because we give you MORE than what conventional health clubs offer