The Body Center



At The Body Center we proudly train clients in STOTT PILATES. We believe in Pilates not as a popular exercise type but as a way to become stronger in both mind & body, become more flexible & balanced, and overcome muscular & postural challenges making us more fit and functional.

At The Body Center, we are proud of our attention to form and we feel strongly that everyone should be comfortable and successful in their fitness practice. We work hard to accomplish that in all of our sessions and classes. We are not a gym so there are no membership fees.

We offer private and duet training sessions as well as a full weekly schedule of Pilates reformer classes, Pilates mat classes, TRX Suspension Training classes and Cardio & Sculpting classes that are ideal for people of any fitness level from beginners to seasoned athletes.

Clients come to The Body Center to workout and in the process achieve an awareness of their bodies that is invaluable to attaining a healthy and functional body.