The Fitness Cell



The fitness Cell has been in business for 5 years, operating out of Boaz Fitness Studios.  We offer private training in exclusive settings and under the strictest of teaching standards.  We cater to an educated, wealthy consumer to whom value is a virtue.Our team has developed and perfected the “Cell” training methodology. Cell clients work 1-on-1 with several coaches, rotating on a per session basis, depending on individual ability and skill level. Each coach brings something unique to the table.

Our clients are exposed to influences from gymnastics, martial arts, power-lifting, bodybuilding, triathlon training, pilates, yoga, soft tissue manipulation, acrobatics, meditation and strongman training, just to name a few. In addition, emphasis is placed on nutrition, stretching and functional posture. Over time, our clients enjoy a constantly evolving, engaging practice, with focus on wellness, weight control, and living at optimal energy level.  At the Fitness Cell, this is done in private settings, mostly one on one