The Yogi Tree



The Yogi Tree offers classes for everyone -- from the first-timer to the seasoned yogi, in a variety of styles, tones, and traditions. We are also deeply proud of our community-building activities, special events, and workshops. If you are not ready yet to put your body to the mat, then please join us for soul-stirring live music performances, inspirational motion picture screenings, and progressive, spiritually-based workshops for creativity, financial planning, parenting, healing, and more.

We currently offer Kundalini, Restoritive, Pre/Postnatal, and Children's Yoga, along with Pilates and hypnosis. The Yogi Tree is your neighborhood wellness center. We are here for you. Let our studio and teachers help lift you to your higher purpose. We are all connected, growing together, a family of all ages and colors and creeds building a better world.